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All my kits are made of super strong G-10 fiberglass composite and industrial grade plastics. 

We set out to create  fun and exciting RC car kits that don't cost a fortune. These radio control chassis kits allow you to build upon your current RC car. These RC Chassis kits are not your just average toy radio control car that you can find on the shelf  at any hobby store. Our chassis kits improve a base model RC Car to the next level of racing and rock climbing. 

Our designs will allow you to have something special without having to worry about a loss of performance.  I make products that deliver on what they say they do and our goal for each chassis kit is to increase handling, provide durability and value. 

Here are some of our chassis kits and my thoughts behind creating them: 

Stampede Chassis Kit: 

My new Mid Motor Stampede Chassis Kit is looks awesome and the performance is fantastic. It makes such a big difference in the way the trucks handles. 

Sprinter Car Chassis Kit:

The Sprint Car Kit now comes with a wing and a wing mount.  I've made a couple changes to this kit, since it first came out.  I've changed the rear bumper mounts to a more simple design. This chassis is super strong and much more simple to install.  Plus, I've add my racing wing to the kit, along with the mount are included in this chassis kit!!

Rock Racer Chassis Kit:

The new SRRX chassis kit is ready to go! I'm taking orders for the SRRX Chassis Kit  which is a great for rock racing!


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