Bringing the "Hobby" back into RC cars.

 Welcome to the Chuckworks!

I’m a tiny one man show. I design and manufacture all my parts myself. Everything! Each part has had my hands on it. Made in America!

All my kits are made of super strong G-10 fiberglass composite and industrial grade plastics. 

I set out to create  fun and exciting RC car kits that don't cost a fortune. I wanted to make products that allow you to customize. Or build up the way you like. I supply the reliable platform. You make it your own. I started out making the first mid motor conversion for the Traxxas Slash 2WD I was really proud of the chassis. And had a few friends ask me to make them one. Figured I’d give a go to selling them as a kit on ebay. Within a year. I was selling 30 kits a month. I couldn’t believe it. But, I know how this hobby goes. Fads are very common. There’s no way to keep the business going on just one chassis. So I started working up new designs for different kinds of projects. First was the Slice DB My rear motor buggy kit. I started experimenting with making my own bodies. The V3 was the one that worked so well. I’ve been selling it for more then 5 years. Next came the 4Wd chassis. And many more. Wait till you see what Im working on!


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email at 


Chuck Ellis


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