Slice A 4.5
Version 4.5
The Slice A is one of our most popular chassis's.
The Slice A 4.5 is new and improved, compared to our previous version Slice A4. The Slice A4.5 is 8 ounces lighter, it's made from G 10 Fiberglass and high strength plastic for durability and shock resistance when going over jumps. Being a lighter chassis you will notice that your sash will be quicker to accelerate and is tough as nails going over jumps. 
The Slice A4.5 is light weight, so your RC will run lower CG's and our kits are easy to install. Chuckworks RC is dedicated to providing custom made chassis and conversion kits that are built to last.
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SA4.5_001.JPG SA4.5_003.JPG

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 SA4.5_023.JPG SA4.5_025.JPG

SA4.5_026.JPG SA4.5_027.JPG
SA4.5_028.JPG SA4.5_029.JPG
SA4.5_030.JPG SA4.5_031.JPG
This chassis it the same as the A4 but 8OZs lighter.
I weigh my trucks without tires or rims and No body or battery.
This chassis weighed 3.75 lbs.

The A4.5 is the best so far. With the lowest possible CG and reversed transmission. You will notice the change. Not just a little improvment, but a hugh leap forward. Now 8 ounces lighter then the previous version. Its now much more nimble and quicker to acceleration. Still tough as nails and easy to install.
As with all my reverse transmisson chassis. You can't use a sensored motor unless it has a reverse direction function.
Slice A 4.5 kit $82.00
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